Leaf and Stem

 I am not good at keeping plants alive. It's sometimes an amazing thought that I've kept Henry alive as long as I have. 

 This winter I bought a cactus and it is still green, so I added to the leaf and stem gang.

The best part of this planting was reading the labels. Some were from Madagascar, one from Africa, and another from Mexico. I want to bite the leaves. It's a terrible urge but similar to how I feel around silly putty.


  1. I purchased a few succulents last year and I failed at keeping even those alive. They were scorched in this Arizona sun. I forgot about them, unfortunately. I wanted to pet the fuzzy leaves all the time!

    Also, you want to bite silly putty??? Weirdo.

    1. After I bought these I kept thinking "I am the dumbest, it's not like I can keep these alive in the winter, I don't live in the desert." They might be doomed but they are cute as hell for now:)