In mints.

My day in mint greens.

Breakfast grapes. 
If it isn't grapefruit, I'm crushing on grapes.

 My skirt on the way to work. The breeze these days is mostly perfect.

My earrings after a long day at work.

Sidewalk paint that brought my run to a hault.

Breaking in my 12-year old boy shoes.

Not in mint greens. A photo I took of the moon as I wrote this from my living room floor. 
And I've got Perfume Genius playing in the background. 
It is a good night.


Wedding Hills: A playlist

Saturday we traveled West for a wedding. 5 hours West, into the sticks of Illinois.

The heat gave a sort of haze to everything.

And so 10 songs for a hazy summer wedding day and rolling country hills.

You and Me: Penny & the Quarters
Early In the Morning: Peter, Paul, & Mary
It's the Same Old Song: Four Tops
I Send My Love To You: Bonnie "Prince" Billy
 Where Did Our Love Go: The Supremes
Love Song : Romany Rye
You Always Hurt the Ones You Love: Ryan Gosling
Wouldn't It Be Nice: Beach Boys
The Twist: Chubby Checker
Love is All: Tallest Man on Earth

Listen: Wedding Hills
Katie, I am so very happy for you and that sweet boy. 
You are a big deal to me and I wish you didn't live 161 miles away. 
Love you. 


Fit Against the Country.

Recently Horse Feathers played a show in a town nearby. 

Town means one of those tiny Indiana villages that holds up the miles of fields on either side.

The strings killed me.

No instrument will ever get the same reaction out of me that a set of strings and banjo do. You could feel those strings in your shoulders at their best moments.

And so I ended my night listening to one of their old albums.
It was a great night. And I swear those strings cured me of all 10 bad moods.


In blues.

My day in blues.

My favorite breakfast in a pastel blue bowl.

The best candle in a cobalt blue container.

More cobalt blue in skirt form.
Line up of blue polish on my bathroom shelf.
Without a doubt, the color I favor most.


Mountains & Canyons: A Playlist

Ten songs for long sun days, Weetzie Bat books, and restlessness.

Baby's Arms: Kurt Vile
The '59 Sound: Gaslight Anthem
Never Going Back Again: Fleetwood Mac 
Black Hair: The Romany Rye
Going to California: Led Zeppelin
Melissa: The Allman Brothers Band
Beast of Burden: The Rolling Stones
The Weight: The Band
Love Me Two Times: The Doors
Goin' Home: Dan Auerbach

Listen:  Mountains & Canyons

I took this photo late Saturday afternoon. When my family was sitting in the grass talking, playing baseball, and going back to the kitchen for more cake.It was a near perfect weekend.


Leaf and Stem

 I am not good at keeping plants alive. It's sometimes an amazing thought that I've kept Henry alive as long as I have. 

 This winter I bought a cactus and it is still green, so I added to the leaf and stem gang.

The best part of this planting was reading the labels. Some were from Madagascar, one from Africa, and another from Mexico. I want to bite the leaves. It's a terrible urge but similar to how I feel around silly putty.