Fermenting Tea & Aliens.

 I recently bought a kit to brew Kombucha at home. The amount of money I was spending on single serving bottles was embarrassing. 

In absolute honesty, I did not want to start the brewing process, I always mess up recipes and directions. Example: I love to bake but the first go always includes a mess up, like 1 cup of salt instead of sugar.

The kit is perfect. Tea, sugar, brew jar; all included.

Tea brewed.
Cane sugar added.

I was worried about the sugar part. I've tried to largely cut sugar out of my diet so brewing a tea with a cup of sugar was upsetting. I did some more reading and found that the sugar isn't for feeding me, it's for feeding the little alien bacteria that grows and ferments the tea.
Baby aliens need sugar.
 There is some waiting involved in the process, my other baby alien took full advantage of this time to sleep.


Alien & tea and some more waiting. Like 2 weeks of waiting.

The tea atop my fridge, probably turning into moldy alcohol but hopefully fermented tea.
All this alien stuff made me think about Sci-Fi. I never claimed to like anything Science Fiction until recently. I'm not sure if it was watching Firefly or Super 8 or both but my love for aliens in stories has grown this year.


  1. plus, aliens rule. seriously. i know - i've been to Roswell.

  2. i like firefly, tea, and you.

  3. Two things: One - Erica does know, I've seen her pics from Roswell and she was one with the Aliens. Two - If by chance it turns into fermented moldy alcohol, call me. I can help.