Ann M. Martin, author.

 My parent's attic is amazing. It is full of generations of weird junk that we got rid of once but really it's all still there. On New Year's Day I ventured up to their 3rd floor. It's dangerous; no real floor, some elk heads, & at least 20 degrees colder than anywhere else in the world. Wait, back story....when I was in elementary school, my mom used to go to the grocery store every Saturday and would come back with a book for me. I went through a long phase of only wanting a book from The Baby-Sitters Club series. They were great but they made me nuts. After reading one it was inevitable that I would start talking like the book in my head for the next 3 days. In other words, I narrated every damn thing I did. I am still embarrassed for my elementary self but it's fine. Maybe it made me a better writer. Back to the attic. I was looking for these books because I was sure I saved them. And I did. I can't stop thinking about how Ann M. Martin has to be a huge dork to have written those books but I love her for it.

The best part was finding THIS inside Super Special #11:


  1. Oh Lordy. Where oh where is my BSC collection? I hope I can find mine tucked away in my parents' attic, too.Perhaps they're next to my Barbie dolls.

  2. yes! i met ann m martin when i was in elementary school. my mom lied & told us we were going to the beach, then surprised us by going to her book signing. i still have the book she signed for me. it was magical.

  3. I have a recurring dream every few months where I am in my parents' or grandparents' attic and I discover a secret room I never knew about before. Those rooms had piles upon piles of stuff from my childhood that I thought was otherwise lost to the passage of time, but also antiques from a different era — typewriters, fainting couches, and all sorts of Victorian trinkets. It's always a fun dream to have, except for the sense of disappointment when I wake up and face a boring reality.