Walks with Henry. Or squirrel on a leash.

The weather here in the Midwest lately has been mild and beautiful. My immediate response to this is to take Henry on walks. Mostly because I feel badly when he doesn't get to take his 2 inch legs on a hike each day like we do all summer. And also because he starts to lose his mind in the winter and does things like stand on the coffee table and stare at me like this:

Something else about Henry, he loves the sun and any sort of heat. This is how you can tell we are mother and son. If there is even the smallest square of sun, he will find it and lay in it or point his beak towards the source and close his eyes and just stand there. He found it on our walk the other day:

However, in two short months he has forgotten how to go on a walk. He ran from side to side, barked at leaves and babies, stopped to roll around in the gravel and tried to eat anything that looked like food. Including poison berries:

Some more photos from our walk.

I dare anyone to say Indiana is not beautiful.


  1. Hen makes me laugh out loud

  2. Eri-remember how he used to THROW himself at you all the time. His single goal in life was to get his tongue in your mouth. I still can't think about that and not laugh. He loves you.

  3. Aw sweet, little Henry. It must be a dachshund thing. My parents' dog and our own Margot both love finding that one little patch of sunlight, too.