Little White Curry Trees.

I haven't always cared about cooking and baking. Now I do. I love it. But I am so very bad at it. I can have every single ingredient needed and every kitchen tool and still end up using sugar in place of salt. Never fails. But I still love it and maybe I'm getting better at it. Maybe I'm not. Maybe it makes me a better writer? Just kidding. So I got the idea for this recipe (at my age, I STILL cannot spell this work correctly on first try) from a food blog called Scandi Foodie. It is one of my favorites simply because the food is healthy and realistic. So I got really excited when I saw a post about Cauliflower Curry. I got even more excited that I had most of the ingredients I needed. Here is where I sometimes mess up. I will "think" I have everything but I am always missing something. No exceptions this time. I had curry spices in my cabinet so I assumed that I had tumeric. I did not. It doesn't matter, the show must go on, just ask Lupe Fiasco. Here is my version:

Cut the cauliflower into smaller pieces. Trees, if you will.

Gather these spice items: curry powder, cumin, ginger, lemon zest, salt (NOT sugar), cayenne, coconut oil, & I am pretty sure I threw some coriander in towards the end of cooking.
Put the flowers in a skillet with the coconut oil and a tiny bit of water. I don't know why water but I did it anyhow. Then add all the spices while cooking. I think the sunlight helps it cook faster.

Don't cook it until it's mush, that is gross unless you're a baby.

Sorry about the steam in this last photo. It's real by the way so no way around it. Best of luck in all your kitchen mess-ups!

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  1. That looks amazing!
    Thanks for sharing.