Rabbits burrow. Me too.

I finished my first book from my read-all-the-books-on-my-bookshelf project. Book, book, book. Sometimes I write emails at work where I repeat one word no less than 3 times in a 7 word sentence. So what I am trying to say is that my next book is this:

It is about rabbits. So far that's all I've got. But I love it. There is a little history to this book. My mom gave it to me a long long time ago. Like maybe it was middle school era when she brought it home for me and said she thought I should read it. I never did. Instead I was busy trying to stay alive by remaining on the good side of the mean girls and not failing math. Oh and wearing big t-shirts. Anyways I told my mom I had kept it all this time and that I'm reading it...her response was sweet. She was so excited I was reading it and she said a lot of nice things about the book and noted it was one of her all time favorites. Now, I'm even more excited to read it.

On another note, I have been ill for a long time. And it is making me tired. And tea has been my best friend (Henry too). I love this tea, it is unreal. Back to burrowing.


  1. I have Watership Down sitting on my shelf as well, silently clamoring to be read. I hope you enjoy it (and the tea)!

  2. What kind of tea is it? I hope you get better soon!!

  3. Joanna, I'll have to let you know when I finish it! Hopefully it doesn't take me too long.

    Katie, it's Sunset in Seattle...sounds sexy, huh? It's not, just really good. I think Andrew buys it for the coffee shop still!

  4. sunset.