Coconut & Cacao.

Life is so busy right now. All I do is work and school stuff. No complaints, just how it is until the end of March. At which time I will celebrate not being busy by getting my ears pierced again. This is not what I want to be talking about, so sorry. 

I don't remember where I got this recipe but I'm certain I didn't follow it correctly. 

Coconut butter, raw cacao powder, and coconut. That is a lot of coconut and it used to make me gag but in adulthood, I love it.

Bananas are always an option to throw in the mix. 

Melt the cacao powder and coconut butter on the stove and pour into a dish over a slice of banana. Add some coconut to the top. Like this:

It then goes in the freezer and when it comes out it is so pretty and shiny. But I ate it too fast to take a picture. 

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