On Being Happy Despite the Pink Foam.

Sometime recently I heard Dr. Weil on NPR talking about his new book. It's about happiness. I guess I don't remember much else but his position is being happy minus medicine. I'm all for that in so many ways. One thing I do remember him saying is that if you write down 5 things you are grateful for every day for a week you can improve your mood for 6 months. That is a funny thing to think about but I decided to try it. Also, I'm not sad just so you know.

So January 1st I started writing down five.

And I'm still writing. Every day, 5 things. I thought for sure I'd run out by now but really I could probably write 10 a day.

I love it. A lot.

And going back to read through it is one of the best parts. I have the mind of a gnat, I forget almost all things everyday except meaningless details. I have noticed some trends. I'm repeatedly grateful for:
Family/nephews & niece
My health (This is a big deal. I haven't been sick in years until December when my insides decided to rot and turn against me. Since then I've been sick almost every other week. I don' t just mean I had a cold or something. I'm talking about throwing up pink foam. When you throw up pink foam you come dangerously close to calling 911. And if you google "throwing up pink foam" all the concerns are coming from dog owners. I'm better now and I think it's all over but let's go ahead and add my health to today's list for Christ's sake.)
New blog feature. I'm going to end by telling you what I've been listening to lately. Because I sometimes don't know how to end a blog post and because it's really important.

*Currently Listening to: J. Tillman, Nicki Minaj, First Aid Kit.


  1. I love this so much. I can see how this would simply help one's mood and attitude (an attitude adjustment is just what I need sometimes). I'm going to give it a shot, too! Thanks for this =)

  2. I want to use more words but all I can come up with is... I like this.

  3. This is a great idea, Sarah. My journal has been mostly full of complaining lately — sometimes I don't feel inspired to use it but to vent about stuff. And while I think that's healthy, it's not when it's all I do.

    I'll give it a try to see if I stick with it, and report back!