I will keep this brief and try not to fill everyone's lungs with sugar. I wanted to say something about Andrew...the one I call Bear. I call him this mostly because he has the same amount of body hair as a bear so it makes sense.

He said something to me recently that still sets me back, knocks me off my bitchy toes, and rattles my brain into happiness: "I'm for you, not against you." I remember him telling me once that a very good friend of ours says that often to his wife when things get tough between them. And I think it's one of the single greatest things you can say to someone when there is tension or you are standing on the edge of a fight.


I really believe that he is for me. I see it every day.

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  1. being at peace/in understanding with the one you love is such an important, holy thing... thank you sharing a bit of warm honesty!