Birthday Dog.

 My best little friend and roommate turned 4 in early June. 
I really believe that he is one of the funniest things on Earth. 

I'm unsure if this is a wink or a glare.
Here is the little fat cat with his birthday treats.
And oh my god, I think that is icing on his nose. 
One thing about Henry, he has a myriad of nicknames. Like I come up with a new one almost monthly and use intensely for a month then again in 6 months when I remember I haven't called him that in a long time. 
We ended his birthday with a 3 mile walk and paused to let him embarrass himself by rolling in the grass.
Happy Birthday, Henry James Miller.
Or Henbot, Henny, Hen, Shark Eyes, Ping Pong, Wig Wam, Wing Wong, Idiot, Guy, Thunderdome, Meesh Moosh, Thundercat, Best Friend, Squirrel, Long Dog, My Favorite One, Lion Heart, Little Gold Lion Heart, and Tiny.


  1. Anonymous19.6.12

    Yay! Happy birthday, Henry.

  2. Happy birthday, Hampster Hairs!!!!

  3. Aw I love Henry!!!! I miss him!