Look up more.

I certainly don't live in the greatest city or nicest town. 
But really I prefer it most days. I feel less compelled to worry about the constant buzzing of what's next or better or nicer. 
Despite all this, I sometimes want to leave here and quickly.

So I try to actively look for the pretty and recently I've found a lot of it in the building tops of this tiny town.

 Please look at the top of this one. The building is called The Harmonizer and those people hugging the earth together just kills me.
There is truly charm where I live. And good people, and hope, and living life to help others. 
All of it.

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  1. I love that you've discovered this too. I've lived here for five years and only just discovered the wonderful outcomes of gazing up at the tops of buildings maybe 6 months ago. keep it up! beautiful things are always overlooked by failing to look up (or down) more often. :)