In Brights

A recent weekend day in brights.

I never really know what to do with jewelry. So it all ends up in multiple trays that I like to knock over from time to time.
That ring finger ring is the tiniest and brightest thing I own.    
 As kids we were threatened about leaving popsicle wrappers behind the couch in the summer. We did it anyways and I'm not sure why. Still, if you go to my parents house there are bounties of bright popsicles, thank god.
Neon pie sign at a local diner. Pie is fine and this sign is cute but I mostly would rather eat a bowl of cake icing.

I love to highlight all things that don't need highlighting. 
I used to favor black and greys. I still love them and all but I welcome little brights like these.


  1. My favorite thing is that you know you want to eat a bowl of cake icing... because of a past experience.

    1. It's true:) And there are days that all I care about is cake icing.

  2. I have a container of icing which has no purpose other than I knew I'd be wanting it at some point. Also, I was once an excessive highlighter. Just set the marker down. Set. It. Down.

    1. I have a story to tell you sometime...it's about an accidental eating of icing, I think you would appreciate it.